Brellaguard Bionic Reproofing Spray

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Use Brellaguard to waterproof canvas.  Also suitable for use on Durapel and water repellent footwear.

►         Fabric should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before applying Brellaguard

►         Spray with overlapping motion until fabric is evenly wet

►         Allow treated fabric to dry thoroughly before use, usually takes 4-48 hours during which time fabric should be kept clean and free from moisture

►         Application works best on a hot day in full sun

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Tomorrow’s fabric protection available today!
A new era in fabric protection has arrived – new BrellaGuard® utilises world first advances in bionic and nano technologies to deliver a highly resistant, environmentally safe and completely invisible fabric protection system.
When applied to fabric surfaces, the active ingredients in BrellaGuard® function at a “nano” level by reshaping and crystallising with dendrimers (star shaped polymers) to form an impenetrable shield.
Water and soil repellent, was permanent and abrasion resistant, patented BrellaGuard® sets a new benchmark in fabric protection.  It’s the only product you’ll ever need to protect your sports and outdoor textiles.

A unique shield that protects from the elements!
If your fabrics are exposed to oil, dirt, rain or snow, BrellaGuard® has what it takes to ensure a highly repellent finish for textiles that’s ideal for mechanical, technical, medical, decorative, outdoor or architectural situations.
And because the system works a “nano” range, textiles finished with BrellaGuard® are soft to the touch in contrast to the often rough and stiff texture of conventionally finished materials.
BrellaGuard® is one of the greenest products you’ll ever come across.  Made from all natural ingredients, BrellaGuard® does not harm our precious environment in any way, shape or form.

Enhancing Bionic Fabric Treatment

·         Repels dirt, grease, water & oil

·         Will increase fabric life by up to 15%

·         Use on new and existing fabrics

·         1 (750ml) bottle treats approximately 7-10 sqm of untreated fabric

·         Suitable for awnings, rainwear, sportswear and footwear

·         Easy to use trigger pack

·         Safe and easy to apply

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