Oilskin Reproofer

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A convenient way to maintain your oilskin.

Whether your oilskin will require re-proofing depends on the amount and type of usage your coat will get.  With normal wear you are unlikely to need to re-proof your oilskin for at least 10 years.  Because many of our coats last for decades and are handed down for up to 3 generations, we have 2 re-proofing products available.  A pump pack product, Oilskin Reproofer which is handy for reproofing small areas such as the seat of motor cycle pants; and a can of the original wax proofing treatment called Coat Dressing which is used when you want to reproof the entire coat.

Oilskin Reproofer

►         Excellent for maintenance eg the crutch area on motor cycle pants to ensure water never penetrates

►         Contains wax, oils and fluropolymer

►         Antifungal additive protects against mould and mildew

►         Insect repellent additive is effective in deterring outdoor pests

►         125ml / 4.2oz pump bottle

Australian Made

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