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Established in 1910 in Brisbane, the 2032 Olympic City, by Manning Claybourn, the iconic Claybourn Oilskins brand has been loved by Australians and beyond for well over 110 years. A photo of  Prince Charles wearing a Claybourn coat taken when he was studying in Geelong Grammar in  Australia in 1966 is still hanging in our factory outlet.

Inspired by the hard-wearing qualities of workwear and military apparel, Oilskins were originally a great country style, city riding, outdoor activities and camping wear, not only waterproof but breathable regardless of pelting rain or scorching sun, fondly worn by many prominent politicians like George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin and celebrity Michael Hutchence etc on his stage performance. 

It is far more comfortable and stylish than the modern plastic raincoat or rubber jacket - a country-style coat everyone should have in this busy modern age as a durable stylish outdoor, camping or wet weather garment. 

Claybourn Oilskins acquired Aussie Quality Canvas Goods in 2001, which was established in 1996 

After many generations under the Claybourn family, the Claybourn business was eventually sold to Gilbert & Beverley Trombetta, owner of  The Australian Coat Company in 2005 who expanded the clothing line further to include other accessories and pet series. 

The Australia Coat Company label was originally founded by Tom & Christine Hanna in 1990 and sold to Bev in 2004. Tom was initially working for Driza-Bone in Brisbane at the time before they moved to the interstate. Saddened by Driza-Bone being sold to a British motorcycle company in 1989, a similar fate to most of the other clothing brands in Australia, Tom started The Australian Coat Company in 1990 to produce 100% Australian owned and  Australian made oilskin garments. 

Under Bev's management, the combined manufacturing businesses under The Australian Coat Company label have withstood the impacts of the Equine Flu of 2007, Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Millenium Drought years 1997-2009 then the worst drought in history in 2019.  

Demand for Australian owned and made goods actually dramatically increased as a result of 2020 Covid 19's effect on consumer spending.  Knowing that they had an iconic sustainable business that started to grow, Bev saw this as an opportunity to sell and retire. 

Brisbane based Peter Huang of the Yong Group bought the business in 2021. While Peter will re-launch the iconic Claybourn label under BESTT Claybourn as a separate brand specifically for the traditional Australian made oilskins, dry-feet and canvas products, he also planned to take the business globally under the  BESTT brand for full line productions from head to toe using a wide variety of other fabrics to suit everyone's need, from women to men, from seniors to babies, from pets clothing to other accessories, from online to in-store in the future.

Peter also bought the Aussie Mills Embroidery business from its founder Scott Robinson at the same time, who established the business in 1992.

Peter was a university teacher before he came to Australia in 1991 with borrowed $100 in his pocket after the Tian An Men Square incident. He became an Australian citizen in 1997. Through hard work, passion and professionalism for whatever he does, he quickly established his real estate, property investment and property development empire as one of the top 400 private companies in Queensland, ranked 32 in 2003 by PwC. During the global financial crisis that started in 2008, Peter further expanded his business to include integrated resorts, golf courses, commercial, residential and island developments. 

During the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic, he found that while his son Harvey dearly loves the property business, his 2 daughters Constance and Jade actually love digital marketing and e-commercial more, so he decided to further diversify his BESTT Group to be one of the largest e-commerce fashion, pet, health, beauty and technology companies. 

While most of the Australian clothing manufacturers have unfortunately either closed down, shrunk in size or moved overseas due to high labour costs and strict government regulations, the majority of the Australian fashion and apparel businesses were sold and owned predominantly by Americans, Europeans, New Zealanders and Asians. Peter's mission is to revitalise the Australian manufacturing industry by increasing its Australian workforce to at least 10-100 times in the future. He more than double its workforce in 2 months since he took over the business.  

Built on the Olympic spirit of Brisbane as the 2032 host city, Peter aims to make the Brisbane based BESTT Group one of the largest manufacturers in Australia and one of the most loved Smart Luxury brands in the world, with the best quality, design, service and value for money for our clients 

While BESTT Claybourn using the Australian oilskins, Dry-feet or canvas fabrics will continue to be manufactured in Australia and marketed globally to significantly increase its production to create more local employment, some of the whole sales oilskins and other fabric's retail products from head to toe could be manufactured either in Australia or by overseas certified manufacturing partners in various countries under the BESTT brand to make the apparel more affordable to our consumers. The quality, design and service will always be under full control of its Australian headquarter and factory in Brisbane, based on the highest Australian standards. All manufacturing partners will be required to sign the ethical and sustainable clothing agreement agreeing on no child labour, no forced labour on top of the highest quality guarantee

Initially, the factory and the warehouse will be in both Australia and China utilising their advanced clothing and textile technology and their textile worker's great work ethic. More factories, warehouses and flagship stores will be established globally in many other major countries in the foreseeable future once the full line of the products is established. 


The BESTT mission is to be the BESTT of the best, in whatever we do for our clients, to deliver Smart Luxury BESTT attire and apparel aiming for the quality of  LV and Gucci, but with better value for money than Ralph Lauren and Adidas with a quality stylish design for every detail from button to zipping, not the mass-produced fast fashion labelling products which are not environmentally friendly. BESTT is to establish itself as an Ethical and Sustainable brand that is made to last. It will offer the full range of attire and apparel from formal, leisure, active, uniform and workwear for both retail and wholesale markets like a boutique upmarket department store


 the BESTT logo has the following unique meanings: 

The word "AUSTRALIA" actually has 3 As in it, which represent triple-A quality under Australia's tradition of highest standards of corporate governance. 

Under the idea of BESTT founder Peter Huang and created by his in-house full-time designers, marketing and management team through their collective wisdom, the logo cleverly incorporates triple-A under its Australian image. 

The Triple-A image represents Australian owned, Australian designed and Australian service,  reflecting the BESTT of the best in Quality, Design and Service. 

The diamond pattern incorporates many "A"s representing Australia and "B"s representing the BESTT of the best from the Olympic city Brisbane

 The green and gold colour represent the Australian national colour for its Quality, Design, Service and value for money

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