OILSKIN We manufacture our products in English and Australian oilskin fabric.  Oilskin is 100% cotton treated with paraffin waxes specially formulated to provide a surface that is water repellant & has soil removal properties.  Unlike many other oilskins our fabric is rot-proofed and pre-shrunk resulting in a longer lasting and more water repellant garment.  To care for your oilskin, always ensure it is totally dry before storing.  Your oilskin will last many, many years if it is stored away from sunlight and breezes.  To clean, use cool fresh water only, sponge lightly but do not scrub.  If your coat should become moldy, smelly or very dirty, it can be washed using the oilskin detergent available in our Care Products.  All other detergents will destroy the water repellent finish.  Cared for correctly, your oilskin will last for many years – if you should need to reproof your oilskin, see our Care Products.  

Australian stockmen leave their oilskins hanging in the shed where they are subjected to sun, wind and rain, and these coats are treasured and handed down from generation to generation, so it is amazingly hard wearing.


DURAPEL Long lasting, breathable, water and oil repelling fabric which looks and feels like normal fabric.  It is 100% cotton impregnated with a unique formulation of polymers (a type of Teflon).  Durapel can be dry-cleaned, washed in mild detergent and ironed without decreasing its water repellency.  Always make sure your Durapel is totally dry before storing away from sunlight and breezes.  Cared for correctly, Durapel will last for many years.  In the unlikely event that you should need to reproof your Durapel, see our Care Products.